Aulika Focus

Model: Aulika Focus

Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

mm: H380 x W334 x D452

One Touch Cappuccino

Suggest Retail Price:

HK$ 16880

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Structural Characteristics:

Dimensions (w x h x d) 334 x 380 x 452 mm

Weight 15 kg

Frame material Metal

Chassis material ABS

Water tank Removable

Electrical characteristics:

Absorbed power 1400W

Boiler 2

Boiler material Stainless Steel

Second pump

Swivel Steam spout Hot water / Steam

Other Characteristics:

Coffee beans container capacity 350 gr

Water tank capacity 2.2L

Grounds drawer capacity 18

Coffee grinder Steel Conical blades

Removable coffee group 6-10 gr

Height-adjustable coffee dispenser 85-105mm

Grind adjustment

Electronic preinfusion

Coffee dose adjustment

Automatic Cappuccinatore One Touch Cappuccino

Digital display

Automatic decalcification cycle

Simultaneous delivery of 2 coffee cups

Cup warming surface

Pre-ground coffee

Special Beverages:

Long Coffee

Hot Milk

American Coffee

Made in Italy



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