Model: MBC500UV082

Mattress Cleaner

Ultra Vortex Profound cleaning. maximum care

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HK$ 1499

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Key features

• Germicidal UV-c lamp killing up to 99.9% of bacteria,

   allergens and dust mites 

• Vacuum function

• Roll & beat function

• Cyclonic system designed to offer a high separation efficiency 

  and to give better suction and less filter maintenance 


The effects of dust mites

An average mattress can contain 10 million dust mites. 

Dust mites thrive in warm, moist environments making mattresses a haven for them. 

Dust mites and allergens are a main cause of allergies and respiratory problems. 

300 million people suffer from asthma and up to 250 million people suffer from allergies worldwide.


Vacuum mode

The 500W motor removes dust and dirt from the fabric, this includes dust mites 

and the dead skin you can’t see. 

The UltraMATT’s gentle suction is suitable for even the most delicate of fabrics. 

It uses a cyclonic filtration system to offer a high separation efficiency, 

to give better suction and less filter maintenance.


Roll & beat bar

Rotating at 4,200 revolutions per minute, the UltraMATT brush bar gets deep 

into the fibres of the textiles to remove allergens and dust mites.


UV-c lamp

UltraMATT is equipped with a germicidal UV-c lamp that can kill up to 99.9%* of bacteria allergens and dust mites, 

use regularly to reduce your exposure to house dust mites, house dust mite allergen and bacteria.



Ideal for mattresses, pillows, sofas and cushions. We recommend to use the UltraMATT twice a week for optimum results.


Allergy UK approved

The UltraMATT corded vacuum is approved by Allergy UK.  

This award is given to products that have been independently & scientifically tested, 

and have been proven to be efficient at reducing or removing allergens.



Bagless Dust Collection 

500W Motor power 

3 Settings

Red/White Colour

2.2kg Weight 

5m Cord length

0.3 ltr Bin capacity 

Product dimensions 34x27x19cm

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